Is this a good restortation project?

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    Hey everyone! Newbie here!

    I've been wanting to build my own trailer for quite some time and originally was looking at doing a teardrop. I've been watching craigslist to see if I might come across old utility trailers to build it on when I hit on this.

    I'm not sure the year but it's a 17' Wide World (? that might be the model and not the brand) that someone is selling for $300. It's not pretty and definitely a project and I'm heading out to go see it in about 15 mins. I'll attach some pics but this is what I do know about it at this point:

    Clean title and new tabs and license plate and "tows fine."
    tail lights work, not sure about toilet or stove
    two corners on the outside and coming apart but owner claims it stays dry inside
    dry rot in some places
    windows in good shape and not cracked
    no rust on trailer itself
    unsure about electrical and I'm assuming it needs work as I see an outlet box sticking out of the wall in one of the pics

    The thing that I like about it is that she's only asking $300 and she already said she's willing to drop it down further....she is motivated because she is moving very soon. I fully expect to have to gut the walls and floors and build it from the inside out. I haven't done this before but I did complete a project which was building my hot dog cart last summer. I know it's not the same but I do know how to turn a wrench and do basic carpentry. As you can see from the pics, it looks like a gas stove and fridge and sink and good windows and I know that those are the things that are difficult to replace. Heck....maybe even the toilet still works after some tlc...not sure.

    My main question is does this look like a complete nightmare? You folks will know more then I do about it....I'm heading out to look at it now and will find out the year, tire wear, etc to help with this decision.

    Thanks everyone!





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