Jayco 256 RKS for F/T?????

Discussion in 'Full Timing' started by parigi, Jul 5, 2009.

  1. parigi

    parigi Member

    HelloF/T RVers:
    Does anybody uses an 256 RKS for full timming?
    I do not have the funds to buy a larger RV and I've heard so many good things about JAYCO's.
    Can they be ordered ?I'd like to ordered without a carpet.I'd look forward to your suggestions.
    I do not need a large RV,I travel by myself and a 25 ft will be more than enough. Many thanks
    for your helpful replies........parigi. ;)
  2. WandaLust

    WandaLust Member

    Re: Jayco 256 RKS for F/T?????

    I know a woman living in a 16' travel trailer. She's been in it for several years now. She can't afford anything larger.
  3. C Nash

    C Nash Senior Member

    Re: Jayco 256 RKS for F/T?????

    That size would not serve our use but that's the reason for making different sizes and floor plans. What suits us would not suit someone else. Go with what you can live confortable in and fits the budget. You are the only one that can make tis decision. I have seen fulltimers in most ever thing from tents to 45 ft MHs. :approve:
  4. utmtman

    utmtman Senior Member

    Re: Jayco 256 RKS for F/T?????

    Yeppers I agree with nash, surprised me this winter in arizona to see people full timing with a tear drop trailer. Guess what ever your comfortable with, run with it.
  5. H2H1

    H2H1 Senior Member

    Re: Jayco 256 RKS for F/T?????

    I agree with both of you guys. But I can't see how it is possible to live in a 16' or a tear drop. I guess I need more room to stretch out in. But to each there own wish them well. :laugh:
  6. Kirk

    Kirk Senior Member

    Re: Jayco 256 RKS for F/T?????

    We are regularly told that our motorhome is too small because it don't have any slides. After nine years full-time most who know us have given up on convincing us that we should not be happy in what we have. But in our travels we have met one couple who were in their third year in a pop-up, a family in a 28' class C with three children, a single male in a standard van with a bed and stove and such and even one couple who were full-time with a tent.

    The fact is that there is no type of RV which could not be lived in, only people who are not able to do so.
  7. cwishert

    cwishert Member

    Re: Jayco 256 RKS for F/T?????

    Think about the covered wagons, wouldn't you say that was one of the first RV's. They had large families and did just fine. Sometimes I wonder if simpler is not better. I think I am in the wrong era. :) :cool: :clown:
  8. Shadow

    Shadow Senior Member

    Re: Jayco 256 RKS for F/T?????

    Know we are in the right era. Sitting in Fredericksburg with the A/C howling. :laugh: Thinking about adding a second unit! :cool:
  9. idahofulltimer

    idahofulltimer New Member

    Re: Jayco 256 RKS for F/T?????

    The wife and I have been living fulltime in our 26 foot bumper pull for almost two years, along with two dogs, up until June when I had to put the big dog down. He was a 110 lb. rottwieler mix. Those two years also include two, going on third, Idaho winters. The pic in my signature shows just a little of what I'm getting at. I would suggest getting any "four seasons", "artic packages", what ever Jayco calls them, if you are still shopping or considering special ordering, depending on where you are plannning on spending the winters, now or in the future.

    As far as size goes, like the others said, it's what you're comfortable in. Oviously it can be done, and enjoyable. Especially if you've got good neighbors / friends around. I don't have any first hand knowledge of Jayco, but rumors have it they are a quality product. They actually have two manufaturing plants here in Southern Idaho, probably less than 15 miles from where I live. And I know a couple guys that deliver trailers for them all over the westertn U.S and Canada. Not that it has any relavance. At least their still in business, unlike some other major manufacturers. I still have a warranty claim pending with Fleetwood.

    If you like the floor plan, it has enough room and storage, and fits your overall needs, I don't see any reason it wouldn't work for you.
    I'm assuming your tow vehicle and weights are not in question. That's a whole nother subject.

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