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  1. swindy4x4

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    any opinions on jayco's quality would be appreciated greatly. go? or no go?... thx
  2. C Nash

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    Re: jayco

    Never owned a Jayco but they used to be a pretty good unit IMO. Are you looking new or used? Used depends on the previous owners care. Some people could ruin a tank. Just look for the things you would on any mfgs. Pay lots of attention to floor plans. Look in hidden places to help tell quality.
  3. Grandview Trailer Sa

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    Re: jayco

    Nash's statement is correct. They used to be better than they are now, but they are still an OK trailer. There are better ones out there!!
  4. try2findus

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    Re: jayco

    We currently own a Jayco Greyhawk 28QB. We purchased it new in 2008.

    While there are things that we like about the Jayco, there are many things that have been totally unacceptable and the last issue could have been deadly. Some are normal things like crooked trim around the entry steps, cabinets that wouldn't stay closed (the worst being the cabinet that the TV is mounted on), the faucets being reversed, trim that won't stay on. But some are really inconvenient like our warped bathroom door that cannot be replaced because Jayco cannot seem to send the correct door. We've finally given up on that and now have to deal with it...

    The generator was hitting against the side of the unit and causing a bad vibration that kept us awake for several nights while boondocking. The shower and grey tanks have had more leaks than I care to go into.

    The worst incident was the latest where our grey tank fell completely out from under the unit while SITTING in our driveway! The RV had not moved since October but one December morning, I walked out and saw something black under the thing. I initially thought Randy had left his tool box out but upon closer inspection, found it was the grey tank.

    After another trip to the repair facility, we found that Jayco does NOT brace the tank with bolts or straps..."it slips into a channel", is what we were told. So another deductible to repair the tank that was NEVER secured in the first place.

    A call to Jayco, then Jayco's call to the repair shop, we were able to recoup $100.00 of our deductible back. I still feel that they should have sent our entire deductible back since they surely have a shoddy design on the grey tank. The black tank is bolted on (we made sure of that) but I will probably worry about the tanks for the duration of ownership.

    While I have found Vinh at Jayco to be fairly reasonable and a man of his word when dealing with these issues, I have had more contact with him than I care to. We feel when you make an investment such as this, the manufacturer should take care to make sure these units are built to the highest standards, with safety #1.

    If you do decide to go with the Jayco, make SURE everything is in working order. Good luck!

    (I really liked our Four Winds MUCH better... :blackeye: :cool:)
  5. krsmitty

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    Re: jayco

    Have a 2010 Jayco 28.5 5er. Purchased back in 03/10. Have had in for warranty service for piddly stuff more than I would like. But, nothing serious. Overall quality has been good, warranty/service from Jayco has been good. I would buy again.
  6. airspeed

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    RE: jayco

    We have had 3 Jayco's a 2009 JayFlight right now, my father had several and my son has 1. They are well built and we have had only minor issues throughout the years. I have heard some of there dealer's are not so good but ours has been very good to us. Also they are the only manufacturer that has a 2 year warranty as far as I know. I would definitely by another one.
  7. captainmomma

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    Re: jayco

    as a new rv'er I don't have much say but I can tell you that when looking at trailers my husband and I became very aware to look under sinks and under sofas etc at hidden things such as wires etc. We noticed on the jayco a lot of wires were exposed on the front outside prone to chewing from small animals and open to the elements. Also inside the units, the wires were very easily accessible to my 3 yr old. We moved on to another brand. We bought our zinger yesterday. I will have to let you know later how we like it but our research shows them to have great customer service.
  8. swindy4x4

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    Re: jayco

    wow! thank you all for your input! .. i can't tell you how much that means to me. got some positives and negatives .. just what i was hoping for. I'm a newbie so .. i need all the help i can get! thank you ... by the way ... new .. and a x17z hybrid. :)

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