Junction box HELP!

Discussion in 'Towables' started by helicopter911, Sep 10, 2010.

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    Okay- up front, I'm an idiot (!)
    I have a 2006 "Freedom Spirit" by Thor- I thought I would change out the connection cable from Tow truck to Trailer.. Of course I have now messed with the wires so much, I'm not sure what goes where...(Camper side Junction box) Does anyone have a diagram- picture- CRAYON sketch??!
    I would like to solve this without pulling it 50 miles without brake lights-electronic brakes etc!
    Thanks all and happy camping,

  2. helicopter911

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    RE: Junction box HELP!

    Hey- THANKS for the emails! Here is what I did...

    Hooked up the battery charger to each trailer side wire and mapped the response.. (Left light-Right light Clearance lights etc...)
    Viewed the cord paper to see what ran what from my truck...

    (and it ALL works!)

    Thanks again all and happy camping!!

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