Junction city to Zion

Discussion in 'Destinations' started by Joyce newton, Apr 9, 2016.

  1. Joyce newton

    Joyce newton New Member

    what is the best route to go to get to Zion and Bryce pulling a 26 foot travel trailer. We are coming from the grand junction area April 12th 2016. What other places to visit along the way ?
  2. saamjack

    saamjack Junior Member

    It's now 2016 and I think you will be in Zion and having fun there. So buddy I must say now you should share your travel time with us and let us know how you make this time fabulous for you? I hope you would like to let us know which places you explored there? I will wait for your reply and looking to you.. :p
  3. ElisaDikens

    ElisaDikens Banned Users

    I have never heard of this place but that will be really good for me to try this up when i will get the chance of that. I always love to try places like these and that will be great for me trying anything like this either. Hopefully you all will help me more about this.

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