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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by Anthony, Mar 25, 2010.

  1. Anthony

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    How is everybody here? I am looking to buy my first TT, 5th Wheel or motorhome. As you can tell I cant decide which one to get so I thought I would post here and let you guys know what I wanted to do with it, I figured you could offer some good tips.

    First things first..... I need a good size bathroom as I am over 6 foot tall and weigh about 350 lbs, this is a must.

    Second I need something that is versatile. I write for a magazine, Tractor Shop, and travel to antique equipment shows during the summer ( I teach School for a living). I also like to attend swap meets and have a trailer of parts I like to take along. I also like to fish and have a boat that I pull. For this reason I thought a motorhome would be best, but the drawback to that is I like to go sight seeing as I am a history teacher and like to "nose around" when I am in new country.

    For this reason I thought about a TT or 5th wheel, but how difficult is it to pull a boat behind a trailer, and if I do go this route can the rear hitch on the TT or 5 wheel handle the weight of a parts trailer or even a tractor being pulled behind it............... your thought would be greatly appreciated..........

    and dont forget I need something with room, especially the bathroom

    Oh as a side note do any of you guys use CB's anymore?

    Feel free to email me at hommer_76@yahoo.com

  2. C Nash

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    Re: Just Getting Started

    Welcome to the forum Anthony. Lot of different opinions on tows behind TT or 5th wheel. Don't think you will find any that you could tow the kind of weight behind. The frames are not made for this. It is also illeagle in some states to do this. This has been discussed in a previous post. Do a search from the upper left corner. You can tow a toad behind a MH and maybe a small boat behind the toad in states where it's legal but even that the law gets cloudy. As far as the bathroom only thing I can say is go in the rvs and check the bathroom for yourself. Good luck
  3. Triple E

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    Re: Just Getting Started

    Hello and again welcome to the this site. Have you looked into something like the Damon Outlaw Toyhauler. It just might be what you are looking for. I have no experience with them but I am starting to see more of them on the highway. Good luck on your travels and enjoy. :)

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    Re: Just Getting Started

    Welcome to the forum, Anthony. I am in education as well (central office administrator). I suggest you go to an RV show and go in and out of several different kinds of units and imagine packing, unpacking, living in them, etc. My brother (6' 7.5" tall) spent a lot of time looking at trailers - his advice, sit on the toilet and stand in the shower.
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    Re: Just Getting Started

    Duplicate post, sorry!
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    Re: Just Getting Started

    Anthony - in answer to your question about CB's - I'm in the process of installing mine in my Sunseeker MH. Boss lady and I will be travelling to Alaska and cell phone service will be iffy - but all the truckers have CB's. As for bathrooms - like shoes - try before you buy.
  7. Anthony

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    RE: Just Getting Started

    Thanks for all the advice. The problem with going to shows and getting in the trailers is I want to buy a pre owned for my first time. I just thought maybe there was a certain company that is known for larger bathrooms. I browse sites with pre owned trailers and MH on them and was wondering if I should be looking for a certain builders. I appreciate everybody's help
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    Re: Just Getting Started

    Just curious since we are makiing a trip to Alaska next spring. How did you trip go?

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