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Discussion in 'RV Tips & Tricks' started by BarneyB, May 3, 2010.

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    I bought new in 2002 a Gulf Stream Ultra Supreme class A coach. Since new when you are driving down the highway you can not turn the temp from cold to hot or the other way around or any thing in the middle unless you come to a complete stop and let the engine go all the way to an idle. I dont care if you are going up hill, down hill, flat land, 30 mph or 80 mph it will not change until the motor comes to an idle.
    I have worked on cars all my life and know about the vaccum one-way valve that goes bad and when you accel it goes from the floor to defrost and so on but this is really odd. I though just-n-case some one out there has heard of this I would post it.

    Thanks, Barney
  2. LEN

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    Re: Just-n-case post

    You are loosing vacuum somewhere, even from new maybe a hose didn't get hooked up right or has a crack.

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    I assume youhave a gasser, you might plug the vacuum line off the engine to your heater controls and install a 12 volt vacuum pump to the controls to see if your problem goes away. Sounds, to me, that your engine is not creating enough vacuum at higher RPM for your heater controls and what ever else is using the vacuum.

    Ifyou have a diesel engine,means you have a 12 volt vacuum pump which should have nothing to do with RPM's. I am not having the same problem you are having but I am having a problem. My defrost is always on. I can hear the diverter gate move when I change from defrost to floor but the air flow thru the defrost will not change. Meaning I have little flow to the floor. So long story short. I will be going thru my vacuum system tomorrow and hopefully I will be able to fix my problem and find an answer to yours. Hopefully. Please keepus posted. Good luck.

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    Re: Just-n-case post

    Wonder why he did not tell us who made the CHASSIS.
  5. BarneyB

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    Re: Just-n-case post

    Sorry Ken, Ford F53 chassis V-10

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