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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by WVgirl, Nov 10, 2008.

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    Last time I posted I tried to be positive and ask for help. Now I am down right mad. We got our Keystone Outback back from Keystone itself (you may remember I cut myself on the knife they left in my childs bed). We took it camping. The front compartment still leaks and several other problems were not repaired. So we have now had this brand new unit (only camped in 4 times) in the shop a total of 4 months.

    Called Keystone. The man we dealt with doesn't work there anymore. They claimed they made arrangements yet again to get it fixed in a dealership in Cambridge, Ohio. Called there. Guess what they were rude didn't know who we were and said they could do nothing without proper authority. We told them they were already called by Tim at Keystone and he made the arrangements. They then proceeded to get "lippy" with my husband and told him they could do nothing.

    Now I was nice the first time and left alot of names out of this complaint. NEVER and I MEAN NEVER buy from Walnut Ridge in Indiana. If you are lucky enough to get a new unit (not a refurbished one) you may not have a problem but they don't service what they sell. Our last conversation with them the salesmen actually told us he had worked with us as much as he was going to and it was 5 minutes after the time he was to go home and hung up. NEVER GO TO CAVALIER COACH in Belle Vernon, PA. They actually had our back slide out without the stabilizer bars under it and bent the back slide. (a dealership)

    I realize I am rambling but we love camping we have two small boys and have so much fun spending time just the four of us and it has turned into a nightmare that seems to have no ending. BE CAREFUL who you buy from. I don't know that any brand is better then another but beware of Keystone they do sell inferior products at times.

    If anyone knows what my next step should be I would appreciate it. WV does not have a good lemon law. We have turned both dealerships into the Better Business Bureau of the appropriate state but "they will investigate the matter".

    Thanks for listening. I really enjoy reading some of the threads I have learned alot.
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    RE: Keystone RV

    I know exactly how you feel.We arranged to have our coachmens windows tinted.We recieved a firm quote and arranged with the dealer on monday to take it to them at 8am the next day. Having to take it 30 miles to their factory with the g.l.w. following in her car when we arrived they told us it was not booked in.We had the reps, card with appointment time and date on it so they rang the big boss who told me (quote)Oh he was an idiot so we sacked him yesterday. After a heated argument we agreed to bring it the next day. Another 30 miles home and then 30 miles back the next day.When we picked up the van late in the day the price had gone up $100.When we queried this we were told that we paid or we leave the van in their factory.we paid under sufference and took our van home.Also when we dropped off the van he told me they may not be able to do it because they did not have a ladder,which is weird because the tint goes on the inside.they also said don.t wind the windows down or it will scratch the fresh tint.again weird because all the windows slide or wind out. We loaned them our ladder from my work vehicle just in case. when we next checked the van out of 14 windows tinted 4 were ok 6 were poorly done and 4 were a disaster.when I rang the head honcho he told me that I was too agro and promptly hung up on me.I then e mailed him and expressed my disappointment in his manner and asked him about his lifetime warrantee.His reply was to take the van back to him and he would remove all the tint and give me a refund. This would be another 60 mile round trip and I would be back where I started after all my wasted time . I will put with the lousy job of tinting and also having to put all the fly screens back on the windows ,which they just left on the floor.I have now sent him an email thus. CHECK OUT THE CRAP JOB DONE BY THE TINT PROFESSOR. This was on a photo that takes up the whole rear window of the van. I then told him I will be travelling all over Australia with this message . I plan to take photos at all the ports of call on our trip and email them to him.The worst part is he is on the radio every morning telling how he stands behind his work and will even come to you to do your vehicle. When I asked him to do this he said that you cannot do tint outside the factory because of wind and dust.I reminded him that a motorhome is like a house,when you close the door there is no wind and dust, How does he also claim to do houses and offices/ I know I was ripped off and will have great pleasure giving him negative advertising . Regards through blurred windows DOWN UNDER BIG BILKO :) :) :) :)
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    Re: Keystone RV

    Sorry to hear all the problems Wvgirl and Bilko. Only postive I guess is the USA is not the only place to get sorry service. Where has all the pride in doing a good job and treating customers right gone?

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