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  1. vulture

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    REcently purchased a Georgie Boy Cruise Master with a Kohler Generator (works great)> My question is regarding the oil dipstick. According to the manual it is just placed on the top of the tube to check oil level -- or does it mean that it is "snapped" all the way down in it's locked position to get an oil level reading.

    Wayne (Wisconsin)
  2. vanole

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    RE: Kohler Generator


    Not sure on about a Kohler Generator but I know on my 12.O Onan Quiet Diesel the dip stick must be screwed in according to the manual.

    My Simplicity garden tractor has a Kohler engine in it and the manual says "snap in the dipstick" to get and accurate reading.

    Fly Navy
  3. Triple E

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    Re: Kohler Generator

    I would think if the dip stick was to be snapped in to place that is what the manual would say. If your manual says to" place on top of the tube" then that is what I would do. JMO. You should be able to contact Kohler and find out for sure. ;)

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    Re: Kohler Generator

    When I had my 94 Georgie Boy Swinger...my genset mechanic told me to check with it snapped in.
    I have an e-mail address to a great guy that helped me with mine when a sensor went out
    He works at Tampa Armature Works hich handles this genset
    He sent me the parts I needed and advice

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