Kool Seal: two coats

Discussion in 'Beginning RVing' started by 3DPiper, Nov 8, 2009.

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    I am about to new-roof-ify my roof, hopefully permanently fixing any future problems on my '87 Class C..

    I will use Eternabonds Webseal to seal all the roof-top seams. Then put on two coats of Kool Seal. Then finish with a single run of Eternabond from the back all the way to the front on the outside edge seal.

    My question is about the two coats of Kool Seal.. Do I put on one right after the other? Let one dry for a few days, then apply the second coat? I asked one fellow, and he said put the second coat on right after the first (like it's one big coat), but apply the second coat across the first (if you go front-to-back with the first, go side-to-side with the second).. I'm just not sure if there is any chemical venting that may take place that I would cover and prevent with a second coat..

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    Re: Kool Seal: two coats

    I helped my neighbor with his and we did 2 coates...about 12 hours apart. He loves it and says the it stays cooler longer. Used a roller and a brush...just made sure it was an even coat both times.
    Running the seal down the sides...I have heard of this and I can agree that it would protect more and make yearly chaulking chores easier...just havn't done it myself...yet

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