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    Re: Ladybugs

    What u typing about DL ,, bugs or tans ,, and bty i wish i was in u'r shoes ,, camped by the ocean :question: :approve: :laugh: :laugh: ;) :eek:
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    Re: Ladybugs

    Hey, saw a few crawling around a week or so ago, down here we just introduce them to Gentlemen bugs, JK
    730,Before david got sick he was a troubleshooter for his conference, he traveled to all the state conferences and checked on how the National conference could be more of assitance, that's how he has so many states, now that he is getting better , they are asking him to do it again.
    Good Night and God Blessings to all,
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    Re: Ladybugs

    Alright guys have your fun with Tennessee I understand. The USDA set some bugs loose a number of years back to kill the pine bettles in TN, GA NC, SC, AL, MS AR and a few other states.

    Well the darn bugs they turned loose pretty well did their jobs. OPPPP's we made a mistake how do we control them new critters. Jup we will just let the lady bugs loose and the will take care of them.

    Any time it warms up a little the little suckers come out from everywhere and get into everything, but they don't bite or sting so we say what to heck. But they are aggrevating as the dickens

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