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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by GraphicQueen, Aug 8, 2006.

  1. GraphicQueen

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    OK, I am ready to buy a laptop in a couple of months. I am going to have my regular desktop in the fiver and just want a laptop to be portable so I can access internet, hopefully anyway, with WiFi. I want a fairly basic one and don't really need all of the bells and whistles, unless of course there was a hell of a good deal on one. I would like to be able to, however would be the easiest and cheapest way, to transfer any emails or files from the laptop to my desktop. I don't need a super large hard drive like what I have with my desktop or anything. What brand would anyone suggest and what should I need to get what I am needing with said laptop? Any links at all would be greatly appreciated. I don't know the first thing about WiFi either so I would have no idea of what it is that I would need to make sure that I get. Any explanation would also be appreciated.

  2. Al Wells

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    Re: Laptop Help???

    -Check out Dell computers. They have a great warranty and can often fix problems over the phone. This becomes especially important if you are mobile. Talk with their rep and be specific about your needs, I have found them very customer-focused, and they will be able to guide you to the system you need...

    -Do you have a clear picture of what you plan to use the computer for? Do you plan to burn DVD's, play games (keep family members including any relatives from other families in mind), work on any graphics such as pictures from a digital camera? Keep in mind that even Internet usage means a lot of graphics and that requires a bigger kick in the computer to allow them to load at a reasonable don't go too cheap! Get as much RAM memory as you can afford and a decent graphics card, as they will make a world of difference in performance.

    -If your desktop computer has a USB port...use a "memory stick" to transfer your data between laptop and desktop.

    -Consider using an Internet-based email account such as GMail. You will be able to access your email from anywhere an Internet-ready computer is available, such as libraries and shopping mall kiosks, and there will be no need to transfer the messages, as you will be able to access them from both your laptop and desktop.

    -Wi-Fi refers to Wireless Fidelity (not some "High Fidelity" system like some audiophiles sometimes think..:)). Basically, government agencies, commercial organizations including McDonalds...(check out htttp://, and Internet cafe's set up "Hot Spots" around the country (along with a few individuals who have wireless networks that have not been secured). You can get a listing from for hotspots in your area. Think of it as a 'radio signal' from which you can access the Internet using your laptop computer with a PCMCIA (PCI) wireless adapter plugged into your laptop. Access is free, but keep in mind that security can be an issue, so be careful what you use it for...

    Happy computing!

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    Re: Laptop Help???

    I have recommended Dell to lots of people. I only have one old Dell laptop, though, for my experience. However, I have been responsible for installing at least 5 small Dell computer networks in the last 5 years. (I'd bet the total cost would be way over $50,000.) I only tell you this, because it illustrates my recommendation of Dell.

    I also know that HP has some really good laptops.

    Toshiba laptops are good, also, but are usually overpriced.

    Many, if not most, laptops from Dell come with a WiFi modem built in.

    You can buy a WiFi modem for your desktop, also.

    You connect to the Internet (where available) through this WiFi modem (in either computer).

    In addition, you connect to either other computer through this WiFi modem. You now have a wireless network inside of your RV to transfer between computers all you want.

    Go to someplace like BestBuy or CircuitCity if you like stores. Go to if you want to save some money on the WiFi modem for you desktop.

    I suggest you take your desktop somewhere and have them install the WiFi modem and make sure it works.The installationcan be tricky.

    NEVER, NEVER, NEVER install a wall powered computer without plugging it into a UPS (uninterrubtible power supply). Did I say NEVER? NEVER buy a UPS smaller than 500 with 750 being better. I think of the UPS as just another part of a computer, and I think it should be built into every computer.
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    RE: Laptop Help???

    Thanks for your help. I will let everyone know what we get when we do.

  5. s.harrington

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    Re: Laptop Help???

    If you get one with widows XP Pro it comes with a good firewall for security. Just make sure that when you go online, the first stop is to the microsoft upgrade page to make sure that you have the latest updates to the software.
  6. take2

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    RE: Laptop Help???

    As Wells has already said, hope you have a clear idea of what you want. You could read a few informative articles on the net on how to buy a laptop and then come back and post your queries in detail.

    ARCHER Senior Member

    Re: Laptop Help???

    I'm not sure how secure WIFI is, but have been told wireless is not too secure, so be careful what and how you access internet, especially financial stuff. ;)

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