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    I have 2008 Fleetwood Discovery diesel pusher with three LCD tv's. I was talking to a friend of mine and he mentioned that he had read a story that it was bad for the tv's to be stored in weather less than 40F. Has anyone heard of this and what can happen to the tv's? I've noticed all the manufacturers using these tv's.

    Waiting for spring in southern Ohio
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    Re: LCD tv's

    Hello Chuck, well let think about that, where are the most RV made? Most are made in the North where it get really cold. I am in no way a subject matter expert. But it just seems highly unlikely they would install LCD's in RV 's that extremes weather would do damage to them. I bet your's was made in Ill just like mine was. It has gotten as low as the teens here and mine is still OK. So good luck with yours.
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    RE: LCD tv's

    Yes the LCD tv's are not made to live in a RV ,, well they are and they are not ,, the LCD= Liquid Crystal Display ,, which means it will freeze ,, as does water ,, they put them in the rv's as a sales point ,, but they don't tell u the down falls ,,, now i am not knocking u'r post or anything ,, i have 2 LCD's in my MH also ,, but i take them out when stored in the winter ,,, unless u store u'rs inside a heated garage ,,, or use it fulltime ,, then u would be ok ,,, but JMO ,, and i am sure others will have their's ;) :approve: :)
    OOPS ,, sorry hollis ,, u posted before i got done wth mine ,, but u'r right also :approve:
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    Re: LCD tv's

    Rod I think the LCD is made with some type of liquid that has a very low freezing temp. I will do a search and find out as much as I can and post back
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    Re: LCD tv's

    Here is one answer I found.

    Contrary to popular belief, LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) Technology does not involve any sort of liquid whatsoever. LCD panels use tiny microchips that "twist" open to allow light to pass through the display to your eyes. There is no risk of these Crystal "twisters" to freeze. They can get cold, and their "twisting" can be reduced however, but that's about it. I do suggest allow the tv to warm up before use. The answer to your questions would be like asking if it is ok to leave a calculator in a cabin for the winter. Calculators use the same "LCD" technology, and of course, I'm sure the one you left at the cabin last year still works just fine. No worries. Don't forget to rate me. Dan 15 Years Home theatre/Tv sales Management
    On a side note, keep in mind, lcd technology has been around for over 50 years (invented by sharp) and the technology is used everywhere, like your car dashboard, boeing 747 airplane control panels, laptops. All these items can and will be exposed to freezing temperatures at some time in their lives, and they are still "Living"

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    Re: LCD tv's

    LCDs have a temperature range. This range is there to insure proper operation of the display.

    The rampant rumors about cold weather and LCDs have nothing to do with "freezing" in the sense that water freezes.

    An LCD display that is operated in colder temperatures than its design temperature appears to be sluggish in displaying what it is supposed to display. In electronics we might say that the screen has "frozen" in the sense that it appears to be not changing.

    The word "freezing" associated with a cold LCD that is not designed to be operated at whatever temperature it is being operated at means the display is not functioning correctly in its display of data.

    It doesn't mean it will soon be like the glass coke bottle you forgot about and left in the freezer too long!
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    Re: LCD tv's

    This has been brought up before. The manual for my computer says that the NON operating environment is: -4 to 140 degrees. Now, that is the whole computer, but the LCD screen is in there. I know my 32" TV stayed in my camper last winter and worked just fine this year.
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    RE: LCD tv's

    I have had an LCD TV at my cottage in central Ontario for a few years now. The cottage is not heated when we are not there and the temperatures can go as low as minus 40. I never turn it on when its cold, I wait until the cottage is heated up again to at least 50 and then turn it on. It has worked fine and never given us a problem.

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