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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by wildcatervin, May 6, 2013.

  1. wildcatervin

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    Okay if we need a problem to solve here is one.Been in PA for the last week and all went well until yesterday when I shut the ice maker down.(yes I have one that works)This morning I found water on the floor in front of the refrigerator,it looked like it was comming from around the trim.Went outside and no leaks there,so must be coming from the rf someplace.Is it hard to slide it out or would we suggest a repair person.Got a son in law that would do it but he is in NC with a broken elbo.Any sugestions?Double door rf.
  2. C Nash

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    Probably the supply line going to the ice maker. Did you shut off the water supply or just cut the ice maker off? There should be a shut off valve located where the supply line tees of the water line. Mine is in a cabinet under the refigerator. If you think you can do the job of removing the unit go for it. If you are not a handy man better have it done.
  3. H2H1

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    well not to experience on refer. but could it be the seals around the doors and sweating? Better yet can you shut it down for a few days and see if it dries out. I was thinking if it the ice maker and it is shut off, and you still have water showing then it could be the seals, But if the refer was shut down completely and let to dry out, I would think this would show if you have a leak in the water supply line to the ice maker.
  4. wildcatervin

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    Nash,first I shut off the ice maker and I think this is when it started leaking.This morning I shut off the water suply which is outside on mine.Didnt have any more water coming out inside,thats what makes me think it may be where the ice maker hooks up.Cant see up inside from the outside as the line goes over the top of the RF.So if it is leaking at the ice maker side will have to slide the RF out.The other thing H2 says makes sence but when I opened the door thinking it might me it ,it still was frozen so dont really see how it could leak.Does this supposed to have a drain hole for self defrosting,as I dont see it.It is a 2010 model coach,so maybe there should be one.Thanks
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    My sister had a problem in her M/H something like you explained. First thing they did was look at the tubing and solenoid. On hers the solenoid was bad and they replaced it. Thinking all was well they set off making ice again and the problem appeared to go away.

    They woke up a couple of days later and had the puddle infront of the fridge. Brother inlaws aggravation meter pegged so he started sniffing around and found that the inside edges of the cup that the water comes into had some ice build up on it causing water to overspill into the freezer.

    He then started sniffing some more around the icemaker and popped the cover off of it. He did some reading and found that the water fill cycle is timed and that their is an adjustment screw under the cover. He made a 1/4 to 1/2 turn and let it go for a day. This solved his problem
  6. wildcatervin

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    Good idea Vanola.Back home now with the RF unpluged and doors open so once it clears out will check into this.Had a lot of frost in the freezing compartment that I hadnt seen before.But then again when things are running good you dont pay much attention.

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