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    We have a 2006 Coachman Spirt of America tagalong and we noticed that the floor under the bed and storage area was spongy. We tore it apart and it the floor was saturated and moldy. We have left it open to the studs and have noticed that it seems to be wet right near the back storage door. We have caulked this area and all the seams along this area but after a recent rain, it is still wet. We haven't replaced the floor yet until we can find the leak. Any ideas?
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    Re: leaking

    Remove the door and door frame for that storage area and completely reinstall it, replacing the butyl tape that was used to seal the frame in original installation. Caulk on the outside usually does very little for such a leak.

    Once that is done, use a hose to check things out. Have you checked to see if the door is sealing tightly when it is closed? Those seals could also be part of the problem.

    And welcome to the forums!
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    Re: leaking

    Be sure and ck the roof. Leaks that show in one spot can be coming from almost anywhere. ck all windows and vents. Good luck. Leaks can be tricky to find.
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    Re: leaking

    I agree with nash ,, sounds like the leak is more then u think ,, those pesky leaks can travel from way up in the middle and run down to the rear or front area ,, tough to find sometimes . But i have a feeling we will not hear back from the OP ,, one of those one post wonders .

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