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    I'd like to jump on Johnnie Walkers band wagon as well. I have a 28 foot Fleetwood Scorpion S1 Pop-up with a back deck for my bike that I pull with a Toyota Tacoma (@12MPG). I retire in two years and like you want to do some extensive traveling. I am thinking Diesel pusher or FRED about 30 feet with slides. Mileage will not be that much more or less. I will tow my HD in an Iron Horse trailer from TN.
    Karen and I sat (for about 30 minutes) in a Tiffin Allergo which was "on sale" for $204K at the Louisville RV show last month. It Was Nice!!! but 204K??? Niet!
    I'd like to see the Tiffin Breeze when it comes out next month but I have no idea what it will cost. (Anybody?)
    I have been checking the Damon Avanti, Four Winds Serrano and the Winnebago Via. They all go for about $135-150K MSRP and are nice.
    If anyone can help John here, he can help me too. I know that the ultimate decision lies with the user but learning from your mistakes can save me some big time bucks and heartache.
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    Re: learning from your experiences

    Jim, welcome to the forum. I sent you a PM. ;)


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