Levelers stuck down

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by tdphillips, Apr 3, 2014.

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    OK! Our nightmare has happened. We are "stuck down" after using the levelers for over a month now. We had them "fixed" in Louisville and the guy even hooked up the emergency retract but NOTHING HAPPENS when we hit ANY of the retract buttons! WHAT TO DO???
    Mrs. Phillips
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    Mine did that for the first time a couple weeks ago. Turned off Motor and restarted and all was fine. But for the OP (Hope it's fixed by now) Check all fuses, things are intergrated. Turn motor off, restart. Turn Electric to coach off restart. Review retract in owners manual, interesting what one forgets. Find manual for jacks and see reset. Call vendor of jacks for help. AND LAST STAND OUTSIDE AND SCREAM!!! It helps sometimes. well maybe not and right now it's not funny but in time it will be.

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    Levelers stuck down

    Well, it took awhile, but we figured out (with the help of my son!) there is a BREAKER on the levelers and it had BLOWN! He showed us where the switch was and re-set it and they came right up! Just a matter of keeping a cool head and thinking things through! Thank you for all the help!
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    glad you got it fixed and also for coming back and telling us. maybe if someone else has this problem they will research and find your solution to your problem.
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    Had this happen on the way home from AZ to MI. I was able to lower the front jacks to take the weight off the rear and manually crank the stabilizers up a short distance. Tried the electric button and all was well. Sooo glad, to manual crank was going to be and all day event.
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    This also happened to me and I ended up paying the tech approx. $130 to come out and disconnect, then reconnect all the wires to my Kwikee automatic leveling system which is apparently how to reset them. If it happens again, I will do that myself before calling an 'expert' and paying a whole lot of money for such an easy fix.

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