Lightweight Toy Hauler Advice

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by BMWMarv, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. BMWMarv

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    I am interested in combining my passion for both camping and motorcycling. After searching for different toyhauler campers, I found the Starcraft 11RT seems to be small and light for hauling with the minivan.

    Does anyone have any comments or advice on toy haulers in general, or on the Starcraft campers (options to get if you are racing on the weekends, good/bad models for toyhauling, interesting stories)? I camped with my parents as a kid, but have never hauled a camper around myself, so I'm interested in any experiences anyone has to share.

    See you on the weekends!

  2. hertig

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    Lightweight Toy Hauler Advice

    'with the minivan' is a bit worrisome. Make sure that the weight of the van loaded for travel plus the GVWR of the toy hauler do not exceed the GCWR (combined weight rating) of the van.
  3. ryan williams

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    Lightweight Toy Hauler Advice

    maybe get a bigger rig. if your really into the weekend get aways like we are, than dont worry about it cause you need it. just think of it as more fun for the family and it will all work out for yall.

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