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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by BarneyB, Jun 4, 2014.

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    We have a 2010 Gulf Stream Sun Voyager class A coach we bought new in 2010. It has 3 slides and we have had problems every year with them. Warranty made the repairs at first but I been having to pay out of my pocket every year since including early this year. The slides are Lippert brand.
    Now this past Sunday I go to leave a park and my levelers will not go up, I work on it a few hours and finally had to loosen the hydraulic line to each one to let the presser out and pry them back up to get home. I find out from a repair shop that the pump motor is full of oil because of a faulty pump seal and also it needs a wiring harness (per Lippert) I am worried how much this will cost me:(
    My question is has anyone else had any experience with Lippert brand products in the past?

    Thanks, Barney
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    Barney,if you go back a ways you will see that I had the same proplem.When Lippert made this it did not have a seal between the shaft and the motor,which let the fluid get into the motor.I ordered a new shaft from lippert that had 2 seals on it and was the same as the old 1,but the old 1 did not have any seals on it.Talked to lippert to see if this was a upgrade (and you know the answer)no.So I ordered the seal and had a mechanic take the unit down and he also took the motor off for me,It was full of oil,priced a new unit and it came in around 600.00 for just the motor.I said to heck with this and took the motor apart and cleaned in solvent real good and re installed it back into the MH.It smelled for a little while but finally cleared off.So far it is working great.Think the seal and shipping was around 16.00 and the mech charged me 30.00.All in all cheap.If I can help in any way let me know.Remember you want the shaft with 2 seals on it.Good luck.
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    Barney,if you go back to 09-07-2013,at 1248 pm you will see my post and the new part.Will try to attach a picture ,but not to good doing this.

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