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Discussion in 'Beginning RVing' started by new to the road, Jun 14, 2009.

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    :question: Our grown kids think we are crazy, but in our 70's we bought a motor home. It is a 2007 Fleetwood Expedition with Cat 300. It had less than 5K miles and looks like new. We have made three short trips from our home in gainesville,ga.,even towing a Chevu Cobalt, and think we have things pretty well figured out. We have done a lot of sitting and looking at all the gauges and buttons, but have found a button on the 6 speed allison push button controller that we don't understand. It is a button called "Economy" and a red light comes on when you push it. Can someone tell us what this does. If it really means economy it would be great. We got 4.5 mpg in the hills and 8mpg on a recent trip south. We don't think we are crazy, just having one real good time...
    . Thanks for your help...
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    Re: Little red light

    first welcome to the forum. I have a Fleet wood but not that new, mine is an 03. That may and I stress may be your overdrive BUTTON and if so that will help you with your GPM. Just come on back and I am sure other will have the right answer. :laugh: :laugh:
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    Re: Little red light

    WElcome and congrats

    As to the economy switch, This holds the shift down to a lower RPM point so in rolling country or hills that are NOT steep you can hold 6th or 5th longer and better economy should be the result. I have yet to see any real fuel mileage increase. Holding at 62 or below seems to be a better plan, but I tow all the time and someone with just the MH might have a different story.

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    Re: Little red light

    I agree with Len on the red light. I would have thought the diesel MH would have got better MPG than 6 and 8 but a lot has to do with speed. You should not even know the Colbalt is back there. Course with only 5k miles the diesel is not even broke in. Your are not crazy. Enjoy the MH and travels. Welcome to the forum. :)
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    Re: Little red light

    well i wish i could get 7mpg ,, but i have mine souped up ,, and it does throw out some balck smoke when pulling a hill ,, and btw ,, that is without a toad ,, with my jeep cj5 ,, i actually gain about one mpg ,, i guess it is from the knock down of the drag force on the rear of the coach ,, :eek: :approve:
    forgot .. also welcome to the forums :blush:
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    Re: Little red light

    Just want to say welcome to the forum. Mine is gas, so no help in that area, but I would agree with others that suggest it may indicate overdrive. Enjoy..
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    Re: Little red light

    Welcome and enjoy the view as you travel

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