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Discussion in 'Destinations' started by grinders, Nov 28, 2010.

  1. grinders

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    We are attempting to get from little rock to presscott,az ,leaving day after Christmas. Would hwy 40 be a save zone for passage considering the weather patterns? We have a 2007 duramax , pulling a 26' TT? Don't know what we may encounter on such a winter western trip.
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    Re: Little Rock to Presscott

    Welcome Grinders! You might expect SNOW!! From previous experience, I-40 this time of the year, can be tricky.

    I would check the weather/road conditions before heading across I-40 in Winter and if conditions are forecasted to be hazardous, don't do it. Allow time to layover during your trip if the weather is bad.

    Since you are from Little Rock, you should be accustomed to some snow but please be careful!

    Stay safe and enjoy your trip! :cool:
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    Re: Little Rock to Presscott

    I agree with try2findus ,, I40 going thru NM can get very bad in the winter ,, Terrace canyon is where u will hit it the worst ,,if they get snow ,, but once u reach Clines Corners ,, u should be in the clear ,, but do as the others have said ,, stay alert of the weather and road conditions :approve: :approve:

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