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  1. WWRC

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    is there such a thing as a lock up converter for at542 allison transmission? if not, can i change the whole transmission to a 643 or something comparable with no major problems?
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    RE: lock up converter option

    There were a few AT1542 and AT1545 transmissions made. They only had lockup in fourth gear, I think.

    However, lots of motorhomes with the AT have been changed to MT643s. If you want to invest the money, it's a good conversion.

    Industrial Automatic Transmission in Irving, Texas has done a bunch of them. It's been a long time since I talked to them, but my experience with them was always good. They have been purchased by Inland Truck Parts. Their contact info is: 2339 East Grauwyler Road
    Irving, TX 75061-3313
    (972) 438-1406

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