Looking for a camper brand/model name

Discussion in 'Class C Motorhomes' started by linesider50, Apr 4, 2011.

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    I got the opportunity to see the inside of a camper last fall and I would like to try to find one but I cant remember the name.
    It was very luxurious inside with an excellent rear bath, a great kitchen and living space.
    What made it stick out was the fact the bed came down from the ceiling. You would never know it was there if someone didn't tell you. It even had lighting on the ceiling that came down with it.
    Thanks for the help
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    Re: Looking for a camper brand/model name

    Hi Fred and welcome to the RVUSA Forum. You're talking a Class C motor home, right? Chevy, Ford or Dodge front end and big box behind? If so, all I can recommend is that you peruse the various manufacturer's websites and look at their floor plans.

    Lots of luck and let us know what you find. :) :)

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