looking for a new fifth wheel

Discussion in 'Towables' started by bebop, Sep 17, 2006.

  1. bebop

    bebop New Member

    Looking for a 2 or 3 slide 5th wheel. can anyone give me advise on a Sunnybrook, Big HOrn, Landmark, Select suites or Mobile suites?
  2. DL Rupper

    DL Rupper Senior Member

    RE: looking for a new fifth wheel

    No specifics, but recommend you look at 5'ers that are vacuum bonded. Structurally they are very strong and the insullation stays in place. Consider looking at Alpenlite, HitchHiker, and Praire Schooner. They shouldn't cost any more than the Mobile Suites. Actually I think I've heard the Mobile Suites are very heavy.
  3. Grandview Trailer Sa

    Grandview Trailer Sa Senior Member

    Re: looking for a new fifth wheel

    Not saying they are not nice, but Mobile Suites and heavy and expensive. Take a real good look at Prairie Schooner. If you are near VA, get in touch with me.
  4. Gellins

    Gellins New Member

    Re: looking for a new fifth wheel

    I don't know anything about the others, but Sunnybrook scored real well in the RV consumers reports.
    We are looking also, so we have been checking out many different brands.
    Good luck!

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