Looking for a Toad!

Discussion in 'Class A / Diesel Pushers' started by slow-canoe, Jul 28, 2007.

  1. slow-canoe

    slow-canoe New Member

    I am looking for a toad to tow behind a 26ft class A with a 454 . what do you guys have and what would you recommend. I would like a small truck or SUV a few years old, not looking to spend a lot. I can do the fixerup thing if need be. Would like to tow 4 wheel down and forget the car catty. :) all imput would really help
  2. C Nash

    C Nash Senior Member

    Re: Looking for a Toad!

    We have the 4x4 automatic 4 cyl 4 door Chevrolet tracker which is very light and can be towed four down. 2004 was the last year of the chevy tracker. We have towed it around 26000 and no problem. Transmission in park, 4 wheel drive in neutral, key one position from lock , emergency brake off and you are ready to go. Not recommended to tow over 55 and you do need to stop every 200miles or so and run the engine for a few minutes.
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Re: Looking for a Toad!

    just a random ??? but why do u need to stop every so miles and run the engine???
    I tow my 2000 durango 4x4 and run 65-70 with it and no probs ,, just kinda being nosy i guess :) :)

    ARCHER Senior Member

    Re: Looking for a Toad!

    Stopping and running engine is to circulate the transmission fluid. I know a Honda dealer told me to do that to my Accord if I tried to tow 4 down.
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Re: Looking for a Toad!

    ok isee where u'r coming from the accord is front wheel drive ,, but u'r blazer is 4x4 with transfer case in nuetral,,, i guess better safe then sorry ;) :)
  6. Perry L

    Perry L New Member

    RE: Looking for a Toad!

    I tow a 1994 Ford Ranger extened cab 4 speed manual tranny & with a canopy, I do volunteer work so I can haul all my tools. I bought it used a few years ago and am really happy with it. Has 124,000 K and still running good. (I installed a solinoid to disconnect the odmeter when towing)

    DW would like to have a small SUV that we could have two guests ride with us from time to time.


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