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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by Johnnybee, Mar 3, 2013.

  1. Johnnybee

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    I currently have a 2000 Fleetwood Flair 32' with a ford V10. Have heard about a gas pusher--only a few companies made them--but can't get much information. When I inquire locally the sales people loose interest. Have also given thought to a used diesel pusher. I don't care for the noise or sloppiness of the Fleetwood. Does anyone know much about the gas pushers? I've only found two and both were sold. Rexhall has new 37 ft. but they are a bit pricey. Was hoping to stay under $100K. Thanks, JohnnyB
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    Rexhall makes a good MH ,, and yes they are pricey ,, but IMO ,, i don't think u will find a good rear pusher gas or diesel for under 100k ,, I have a 45ft MH diesel pusher ,, and paid a little over 280k for it ,, but i just hope u are not one of those one post posters ,, btw ,, i also have a Rexhall MH ,, it is a 36 ft Airex ,, but it has a 460 Ford in the front :)
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    I would not go with a rear gas pusher but JMO. You can find a good used diesel pusher for under 100K. I saw one that had belonged to a retired military man with under 50 thousand miles for 50k. Alegro Bus that was like new think it was a 02 year model. Welcome to the forum Johnny.

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