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    Well to all ,, this weather we are having down in TN is just perfect camping and beach weather ,, 98 degrees with heat index of 106 ,, just GREAT ,, just think about camping in this weather ,, windows open all day ,, no a/c's running ,,, sitting out under the sun with no awning ,, and the beach ,, what a joy it would it be to be out on that sand ,, sun shiny down ,, no shade in sight ,, and the only relief u could get is jumping in the 84 degree ocean ,, but the real good part is ,, while camping ,, the big bon fire to keep all nice and toasty in the 78 degree temps at night ,, but i read on MSN ,, get ready ,, this is only a taste of the summers to come ,, but i am not complaining ,, bring them on ,, i enjoy working in all this heat we are having ,, makes me work harder ,, and btw my pool is at 89 degrees right now ,, just perfect swimming temp ,, i might have to start the solar heater to get it up around 90 or so ,, :approve: :approve:
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    High temp today - mid 60's. Low tonight - low 50's. And I was still sweating while working on the motor home this afternoon. Planning to head back to the "Lower 48" on or about 1 Sep. Don't mean to bust your bubble, Rod, but I am really hoping for cooler temps by the time we get down there. Sorry :( :(
    All y'all have fun at the M&G and be sure to post up plenty of pictures for us who can't make it.
    Enjoy! ! ! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

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