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    Killing time waiting for the tornadoes today so went rv looking at class a MHs. Could not believe how many are rated under 1000 lbs of CCC and not talking about low dollar units well, no such thing as low dollar. One was 156000.00 list and only a little over 900 CCC. Sure would like to have one a little bigger than what I have but, the Vacationer looks pretty good after looking at the price sticker and CCC. Wonder where some of the dealers are finding the sales people. Most didn't even know what I was asking when asked about the CCC or maybe they did and just don't like to say that some are nearly overloaded before you step inside. Would have one weighed for sure before signing.
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    Low CCC

    I think that you would find that most of the sales people come from the auto industry. And like car sales folks, they move around constantly. Most never establish a return clientele. It takes too long and most sales folks are mostly interested in a fast buck. I worked for more than thirty years in support of a sales organization and one thing it taught me was that there are very few sales folks who do not lie. Since the only way to know if your sales person is honest is to buy and see what happens, I just say, never trust the sales person. It is impossible to tell the rare honest one from the typical one.

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