LP capacity on a 2001 Alfa Ideal 5th wheel

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by retlveit, Jan 28, 2003.

  1. retlveit

    retlveit New Member

    Hi all! I'm just about ready to pull the trigger on purchasing this but none of the umpteen million sites I looked at mention the LP capacity. Doing this via email, photos appear to be two 5 gal tanks, but surly its more than 10 gal (?)

    :question: Why we are at it :laugh: anybody know what hoops one has to jump through to put an on board generator on it? Supposed to be prewired. But fuel? Location? Thanks ... TomR
  2. Gary B

    Gary B Senior Member

    LP capacity on a 2001 Alfa Ideal 5th wheel

    Hi Tom, my guess is that it would have 2 30 lb tanks equalling 14 gals., don't know about install a gen, we just carried a portable with and set it up away from the 5er. :) :approve:

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