Mamouth caves

Discussion in 'Destinations' started by dramatic1, Aug 26, 2009.

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    anyone have a recomendation on a favorate campground in the area of the mamouth caves in Kentucky? we travel in a class a 38'er and will be renting a car when we get there from just south of Boston. we have a 1 week only and love to make every trip an adventure. anything sugestions on anything worth checking out is greatly appreciated.

    thanks :)
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    Re: Mamouth caves

    Try they have three campgrounds around the park,

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    Re: Mamouth caves

    If you are a Passport America member there is a cg at Cave City that sounds pretty good. I have never stayed there.
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    RE: Mamouth caves

    i am aware of the state parks at mamouth caves but the lack of electric etc has kept me seeking out private campgrounds. i would also be looking to rent a car while in the area.

    thanks again
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    Re: Mamouth caves

    Sorry I'm coming into this thread so late, but I've very familiar with the Mammoth Cave area of Kentucky. By far, the best campground is the Cave Country RV Campground. It's near I-65 and only about 5 miles from the park entrance. There are a few other parks. Jellystone (which I do not recommend as it's very hilly, small sites and old. Lots of kids there and if you have kids it's an alternative. Singing Hills is another but it's very old. You can also stay in the park at the park campground, but it is primitive camping. There are RVs there, but there are restrictions on generators.

    Cave Country is here: I've stayed there several times. It's new, very clean, has cable TV, all sites have sewer hookups. They even have a fenced dog run.

    If you're looking to rent a car, you'll probably have to go to Bowling Green which is about 20 miles south of Mammoth Cave. I'm sure there are no rental places in Cave City. There may be one in Glasgow which is about 10 miles east but I doubt it.

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