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    This is probably a dumb question but my wife has a bad back and were have to be VERY careful about a mattress. Assuming we pick a 5th wheel out that we love but wish to replace the mattress, how difficult is that to do? Also, we absolutely need a king size. If the RV has a queen size is it hard to retrofit it to a king? If the answer is no to both questions our choices are going to be extremely limited.
  2. Steve H

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    RE: mattress

    Our rig has a king bed. Mattress was OK but we did add a foam mattress topper that made a big difference. If all else fails, you can use a foam topper with fairly good results! I doubt with most floorplans you could change to a king size after the fact. There are many brands that do offer full kings. careful about the queen-sized as many are not a true queen and areshorter in length.

    Best Wishes!
  3. bookseller

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    Re: mattress

    Thanks. What I need to know is can a king mattress be replaced and how do they make the switch?
  4. TexasClodhopper

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    Re: mattress

    Make the dealer replace the mattress in there with a Select Comfort Sleep Number Bed. They make a king size so it would be a direct replacement.

    Don't let anyone tell you that it won't improve the sleep of someone with a bad back. Sallyberetta and I are examples of those with this mattress that it has helped.
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    Re: mattress

    If your trailer comes with a King mattress, it can be changed with another King. If you have a Queen and want to go to a King, the Queen is not as wide. Some trailers can accommodate this as the slide is made the same and they put fillers in for the queen mattress. Also some Queens are what is called RV Queen and are shorter than your home queen. Know what "that" trailer has and what you can do with it before you buy.

    New Elk Ridges by Heartland come with Pillow Top Full Size Queens. One model has a King and it is also the Pillow Top. Nice mattersses, but not as nice as Tex's sleep number.
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    Re: mattress

    We purchased a used TT and it needed a new mattress....mostly because it was someone elses.....we bought a mattress from Excel and love it, it is a inner spring mattress like your mattress at home. You won't be dissapointed. My wife and I have both had neck fusion surgery and it works very well for both of us. Happy Camping! :)

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