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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by thomasamski, Dec 13, 2011.

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    Is there any reason why I can't replace a queen size mattress ion my Coachmen motor home with a regular one instead of paying an arm and a leg for a mattress from an RV supplier? Has anyone done that? Thanks.
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    I had to remove the ... at the end of the thread length in order to respond to this. I remember someone reporting that threads with punctuation marks in them caused the "bad request" response. I don't know if you can edit the thread name or not.

    The RV queen mattress is likely a "short queen." It is 60"x74" whereas a standard queen mattress is 60"x80". Depending upon you bedroom configuration, a standard queen might work. We bought a standard foam mattress at Wal-Mart and put it on the RV bed platform and were very careful not to sit on the end of the bed. We had to fold the mattress up to pull the slide in. It was ok. We went ahead and bought an RV pillow top mattress at Camping World because we were in there and it was on sale. I cut the extra 6" off of the foam mattress and we use it on top of the pillow top mattress...perfect!

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