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  1. johnlance

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    My wife and I winter in Arizona from Michigan. We have slept in the 5th wheel for two winters and the mattress is wore out with body imprints. Anyone have a suggestion for a good mattress that will last for more than two years? Happy Camping.
  2. LEN

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    $$$$ usually means quality on a mattress. So just about any good shop and then spend a little time to see the softness or hardness you require. I see costco has some good brands and there are a lot of cut throat mattress shops around if you know what you are looking for. I spend around $700 to $1000 on a reasonable one.

  3. vanole

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    Back in 07 when we bought our Dynasty the mattress from the factory was the pits. Avout 2 years later I bought a sleep number mattress and was unimpressed so got rid of it. I then found this place Comfort Custom Bedding phone number 954-496-8400. Factory showroom even though its not convienent to you is 6741 W. Sunrise Blvd #10, Plantation Florida 33313. E-Mail: and website is

    I snowbird about 60 miles from this place so drove up to the showroom flopped down on a couple of choices and made my selection. Very comfortable and nice folks to deal with. This past winter actually had them replace mattress on fold out bed in couch.
  4. johnnyu

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    We got a great two part sleep cushion from Walmart, memory foam etc. It was 130 bucks but best night sleep I ever had.
  5. Bamaman

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    My wife has had back surgery and is under pain management. Just about every bed is uncomfortable for her.

    We recently bought an adjustable bed and a memory foam mattress from, a very large internet seller of mattresses out of NE Tennessee. Their foam is superior to anything on the retail market, and their prices are very fair. Their level of service is also fantastic.

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