MD3060 Speedometer Erratic

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    Thanks in advance for all your help to us fellow RVers. I have a 1994 Safari with a C8.3 Cummins and a MD3060 trans. I've noticed recently that when the transmission shifts, the speedometer will "PEG" at maximum speed until the shift is completed. It appears whenever the Trans Computer is commanding a shift solenoid, the speedometer will "PEG". This can be duplicated when stopped if you shift into reverse. When the "R" button is pressed from "N", the speedo will PEG and return to 0 MPH when the trans engaged into reverse.

    I think I have a WTEC II controller (with integral controller/computer). I have quickly inspected the 2 connectors in the bottom of the controller, and they visually look OK. I've checked for DTCs, and none are present. The trans seems to shift fine with no driveabilty issues.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    I don't have a wiring diagram for this system (which would be a great help if you have one handy).

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    Thanks again.

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