Merry Christmas

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by whitey, Dec 22, 2007.

  1. whitey

    whitey Member

    :laugh: :laugh: Santa came early to my house this year and he left me a 2008 Jeep liberty four wheel drive for Christmas, Boy o Boy i'm sure going have great time with it when i get to Arizona this year, I'm just tickle silly about it. :laugh: :laugh:
  2. TexasClodhopper

    TexasClodhopper Senior Member

    Re: Merry Christmas

    Well a Merry Christmas to you and your passengers, Gerald.

    Did ya send Jeep Santa down my way? ;)
  3. *scooter*

    *scooter* Senior Member

    Re: Merry Christmas

    That's great 'whitey'. I hope and trust you'll enjoy the Libery. We bought one in '05, and it has been very dependable. We recently had the tow system put on it and really enjoy bringing it along..
    Merry Christmas....

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