Mexican Auto and RV Insurance

Discussion in 'Talkback' started by Marilyn, Feb 27, 2008.

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    We live in Mazatlan, Mexico. Our insurance WAS with Lewis & Lewis in California. They contract out to Qualitas in Mexico. We had an accident Sept 19, 2007 in Patzquaro. We have had a nightmare experience. It is now Feb 27, 2008 and we are having to pay $2500 US to complete the repairs that Qualitas refused to fix that were due to the accident. We expected Lewis & Lewis to take an active part in helping us with Qualitas.
    All Jim Lewis did was to forward our e-mails and a fax to Qualitas(which I had already done). I'm not saying don't buy their insurance just beware you might have problems.
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    Re: Mexican Auto and RV Insurance

    Hi Marilyn and welcome to the forum. sorry to here about your accident hope everyone is ok.You may want to send a question to RV Insight,highways. the web highways@ goodsamclub and see if they can assist you in your situations. Who know you may get some help. anyway best of luck

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