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Discussion in 'Beginning RVing' started by jkl, Jul 28, 2009.

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    Don't mean to ask too many questions but getting back into RV'ing after 20 years so many things have changed. I have a small microwave that has been mounted under a cabinet. I am trying to remove it and replace it with a new one. However, when I look in the bottom of the cabinet that it is mounted to I don't see any hardware supporting it and can't tell whether the cabinet has a false bottom or not to remove to gain access to the hardware. Does anyone one have ideas where to start? As stated before I am a big guy with a heavy hand and don't want to break anything as this will be my home for the next 2+ years. Thanks again for all your assistance. John
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    Re: Microwave removal

    Never had one out of an RV but if they are like the housw models which I believe they are they screw up to mount and you must remove enough of the front hardware to access.

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    Re: Microwave removal

    Yeppers usually you have to remove the front edging and you should be able to either access the microwave or the additional hardware that holds it in.
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    Re: Microwave removal

    There is a very good chance that the microwave was installed to the framework of the cabinet before the cabinets were completely assembled. I had to replace a coffee maker that was mounted under cabinet in our motorhome and the only way to get to the mounting screws was to cut holes in the bottom of the inside of the cabinet it was under. The cabinet bottom would not have come out without dis-assembly of the cabinets because the bottom was one continuous piece for three different cabinets. Remember that everything is done the easiest and quickest way to keep things cheap.

    After I made the access holes, I just cut a board for a false bottom that slips into the cabinet and sits on the bottom.

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