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    The wind last Thursday nightto blew off the tyvet cover on the MH. This weekend I notice little mold or mildew looking spots all over the white siding near the top of the MH. I used what the DW had in the kitchen which was Awesome ( sorry Ken) didn't have your to clean it off. Afterward I spent the whole weekend re waxing it. I just need to know if anyone else has had this from using thetyvet cover. As of now I am not planning on putting it back on the MH unless I get some good feed back from other who has suffer this problem. WE have had a lot of rain ,BUT it was dry when I put it on so no moisture was under the cover when I put it over the MH. ANYBODY GOT ANY IDEAS AS WHY THIS HAPPEN.
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    Yes a tent is a water condenser. Any time you have a warmer object, RV, with a cover and then go into a colder time, night, the water in going to condense. However if it gets warm and dryer the day no harm, but if its cool the next few days or just a bit warmer and moist you get mold.

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    anybody else got a comment on mildew/mold?
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    In my Stag Catalog ADCO make covers with 3 types of fabrics. They say:

    Tyvek is "excellent for locations with intense UV exposure, snow and dust.....Great for midwestern and southern states."

    Sunbrella is "for intense sun/rain/snow."

    SFS Aqua Shed "works great in moderate climates and locations with heavy rainfall."

    SFS is the lowest priced, while Sunbrella is the most expensive.

    Hope this helps.

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