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Discussion in 'Talkback' started by JDBURNS11, Sep 3, 2006.

  1. JDBURNS11

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    I have a 2005 Monaco SE that I can not seem to get repaired since purchase. It was purchased at Foley RV in Burlington, WA and they seem unable to make repairs. It is on the workhorse chase which again is a problem as Monaco does not work on the chase.

    Does anyone know a good repair center for Monaco in south Washington state?

  2. Kirk

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    Re: Monaco Service

    Not in the south, but if you can get to Sequim, Eric's RV has a national reputation as one of the very best. They do not sell RVs but are service only and they are authorized to do warranty work for several different manufacturers. They have done work for me on two occasions and they even told me how to do my own repair once when I was parked nearby..
  3. JDBURNS11

    JDBURNS11 New Member

    Re: Monaco Service

    Thanks Kirk! Looks like I am headed to Sequim! Calm winds and following seas to you and yours!
  4. rlmurraysr59

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    Re: Monaco Service

    You didn't say what needed repaired. I called Workhorse direct and they sent me to a dealer for repairs on my chassis air conditioner. I would suggest you give them a call. They were very helpful to me. I also bought the service manual for my Workhorse chassis. Cost about $96.00 and came in handy when I had problems on the road.

    If it is an engine problem or transmission you may be able to take it to a GM Truck Center for repair.

    Good luck.

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