Motorcycle Rack?

Discussion in 'Class A / Diesel Pushers' started by RvRover, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. RvRover

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    What would be the best way to store a motorcycle I would just love to take with me on my trip around the country? I'm hoping I can get some form of rack I can mount it on and then just put a tarp or something over it to protect it from the weather.
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    RE: Motorcycle Rack?

    well to help u'r post count out ,, try spending some big bucks ,, and get one of those hydraulic lifts that go in the reciever ,, or better than that ,, just buy a motor cycle trailer ,, that is what i would do

    DRMIKE New Member

    RE: Motorcycle Rack?

    hi, i take my 600lb suzuki boulevard with a versahaul rack on my 97 pace arrow with me and my girlfriend all over the country. i have a
    versahaul rack . it mounts into my hitch receiver and it has a receiver built in which we have a tow dolly hooked up to, to tow her
    07 kia optima with. the co.says not to tow over 3,000lb behind b ut, when contacted they said thier testing showed no failure until
    12,000lb limit was reached. versahaul unit direct from the co. was less than $500.00
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    Re: Motorcycle Rack?

    Hi, just recently had an overbilt lift installed and am happy with that, it's 12volt electric, or you can get a manual one, also can flat tow 6000lb .have talked to others with same and are satisfied

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