Motorhome camping near Maryland

Discussion in 'Destinations' started by philip19721, Jun 30, 2009.

  1. philip19721

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    Anyone know of some nice campsites in or near Maryland? We have a 35' motorhome. Thanks!!
  2. rddog8691

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    Re: Motorhome camping near Maryland

    I know that there is a desecnt camp site in Delaware in the state park it is i think about a half hour north of the Maryland State line i have never camped there but my father and mother in laws go every year. It is actually on the bay there they love it. U could probably do a search and get pics and info.
  3. Darlin

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    Re: Motorhome camping near Maryland

    Are you talking about the Delaware state park at the inlet? Very nice except for the construction on the bridge itself. Makes it challenging to get in.

    Eastern shore has very few campgrounds. Most are around Assateaque & rather pricey.

    There is one by Aberdeen over looking the water. Bar Harbour, I think. We stayed there twice for about a week each time.

  4. waroland

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