motorhome wont start

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by genblonde, Jul 4, 2008.

  1. genblonde

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    we have a 1995 pace arrow motorhome. the radio is not working ,the cb is not working, the ignition is not working . we have checked all the fuses and they are good. checked the battery cables .they are all ok. could some one please suggest what the problem could be. my husband thinks that it might be in the big fuse box which is located on the driver side on the outside under the hood. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated thanks
  2. LEN

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    Re: motorhome wont start

    First are the battery/batteries charged. Do the headlights come on? Do you have lights in the MH when not plugged to shore power? Do you have gauges when you turn the key on? Have you tried the emergency start button? If you have power to the coach and have tried the emergency start button then still most likely cable. If you have headlights try turning the start and see at the same time if the headlights dim dramaticly. If so short in chassis battery.
    Tell us more.

  3. Kirk

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    Re: motorhome wont start

    To me it sounds like a dead chassis battery also, unless there may be a battery disconnect and the battery may not be connected?

    Do you have a meter to trace the voltage, starting with the battery? It should be at least 11V to be sure to crank the engine. It would operate most other things down to about 10.5V.
  4. quantoson

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    Re: motorhome wont start

    I would try to jump start it and then it solves a lot of chasing wires and fuses. If it works when jump started, have the batteries checked and charged or maybe buy new batteries.

    If the jump start doesn't work, then start the chasing of wires and fuses. Start at the ignition switch to check for power.

    Good luck and I hope all it needs is a jump.
  5. beaver123456

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    RE: motorhome wont start

    if it has a chevy engine look at the starter-solanoid
    also some have a fuseable link its a wire that is a fuse- look for a orange wire and test it with a meter it on the power side of the starter

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