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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by John Harrelson, Oct 17, 2009.

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    I have tried the MS Security Essentials anti-virus program for about a week and it is not that great.

    It's not a bad program, but a couple of things are lacking that I liked in AVG..

    The major one is that it cannot be set to turn off the computer after the scan is finished..

    I contacted MS Security Essentials Support and was told that "Maybe" in a future version that could be included... but that was just a "Maybe"

    With AVG, I can simply leave the computer on when I go to bed and AVG will automatically start a full scan at midnight and when it finishes scanning, it will turn off the computer... thus saving me having to get up at 0300 hrs to turn off the computer..

    Another thing happened last night that clinched my decision to delete ... the MS Security Essentials program got about 80% completed and then "Locked Up"..

    When I checked this morning it showed about 7 hours of scanning and everything was frozen... nothing moving ... computer still on and nothing happening...

    I never had that problem with AVG... so I went into the control panel and deleted MS Security Essentials and then downloaded the latest FREE version of AVG..

    BTW folks... there is a new version of the FREE AVG ready for download..

    and the new version is a lot faster than the old version... only took 2 1/2 hours for a "Full" scan verses 5 1/2 hours with then old version of AVG..

    Maybe in another year, I will once again test MS Security Essentials ... if they have improved it.. :)


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