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    hello all. just a couple questions for ya ... i'm a little concerned about my tow vehicle being safe and capable. I own a 2006 toyota tacoma v6 4.0 4wd ..acually pretty powerful but i don't want to "overdo it" .. i've bee a camper for years but i'm sick of tents and lately i've been using my cargo trailer to camp in (take atv out .. setup camp inside) no more .. I;ve always had suv's so trailer worked for me. now a truck so anytime i go play in the woods with the atv .. take the truck only.
    I'm seriously considering a jayco x17z..TT single axle, 18 foot with tent beds (off the ground) whew! thinking of brand new .. I'll take the hit $$ wise .. i don't want to deal with problems right off the bat! it has electic brakes and a dealer installed sway control.
    trlr weighs 3050lbs. empty water, no propane, no "stuff", ... the truck is rated for 6500lbs. with 650lbs tounge weight.. yes it sound "reasonable"..but .. the "stuff" and a 600lb. atv in the bed of the truck ... am i "pushin my luck? ...also ...forgot to mention ..i have airbags installed on the rear suspension. rated for 2000lbs. thanks for your time :)

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