NADA values from past years. I think I paid too much.

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    I am trying to find a NADA book for Travel Trailers from April 2007. I purchased my travel trailer in April 2007 and we were in awe when they gave us the low monthly payment, so we put $2000 cash down and started the purchase. This is our first RV purchase and we were so excited. I didn't do any research on this unit that we bought and fully trusted the dealer and the bank that we would make a good purchase. The travel trailer is a 2004 and we bought it in April 2007 and after trying to reduce the number of years and the interest rate here recently I've noticed that I paid more for the travel trailer that was 3 years old than it sold for new. So I'm trying to find out what it booked for in April 2007 so I can see how much more I paid for this travel trailer than it was worth. I think the dealer added some options to the bank quote that my unit doesn't have to inflate the value to cover the loan. If anyone could help me find a NADA book from April 2007 for travel trailers would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: NADA values from past years. I think I paid too much.

    Larry when you pay little down and low payments plus long term the loan companys have you where they want you. You will basically pay only inerest and find as you have several year down the road you owe way more than the value of the rv. You as most of us learned a lesson the hard way. Another thing you might want to be aware of is insurance co will only pay the currant value and you are responsible for the rest owed. Think there are some co that will pay full amount if it's in your policy. Have you tried to goggle NADA? You can get values there. Name of rv and sizewould help us search. Good luck and welcome to the forum

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