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Discussion in 'Towables' started by bandalop, Oct 24, 2010.

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    Can anyone give me some information on how to obtain a owners manual for a 5th wheel that is out of production? I recently purchased a 1999, 38.5 ft Alfa 5th wheel from a private party who obtained the trailer via a will. No manual was included and the seller knew nothing about RVs. The 5th wheel is wired for 220V? It apperars to be so but I sure don't want to plug it in till I know. I thought all RVs were either 30 or 50 amp 120V. A manual would sure help.
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    Re: Need a owners manual

    sounds like your thinking that the 3 prong 30 amp plug end thats kinda resembles a 220v plug end is a 220v plug end. I have never seen a 220v trailer or 5th . Post a picture so we can see what your looking at .
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    Re: Need a owners manual

    You probably have a 50 amp service. You electrical panel should have two terminal strips. Each with their own breakers. One might be rated at 30 amp breaker and the other rated 20 amp. Each breaker will have its own 110 volts to it. So if you measure across both breakers you will read 220 volts and breaker to ground 110 volts.

    If you have a 30 amp service then those two terminal are wired in parallel and have two 15 amp breakers or one 30 amp breaker feeding both terimnals. If you measure across bothterminals you will show 0.0 volts. However, from breaker to ground you will have 110 volts.

    Now I am just pulling this out of my gray haired head so I might not be right on. But close enough.

    Help me out Tex.
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    RE: Need a owners manual

    Through friends, I have determined I have 50A single phase service, as it should be!
    Still looking for a manual. Someone out there has a manual on this RV and I sure would like to get ahold of it!

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