Need advise - travelling IN to WA in winter

Discussion in 'Destinations' started by mahal5866, Aug 27, 2009.

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    Dear experienced RVers. Travelling from IN to WA in late Dec this year. Is it safe to do this on a Class A diesel in winter? Which is best route to take, or route to avoid? Any special precautions or preparations. Has anybody done this before? Would you advise to fly instead? Any input would be appreciated. This would only be my third trip on an RV. Thanks in advance. :question:
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    Re: Need advise - travelling IN to WA in winter

    The trouble is you will be traveling at the beginning of winter though some ruff states. You will be over two pass's one low and one high. On a good trip you could be fine on a bad you might get tied up for a week or more that I wouldn't drive. If it is for several weeks then I would look at the RV, if for two weeks or less think I would just drive it.


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