need good RV diesel mechanic in Northern, NJ

Discussion in 'Talkback' started by fanthony, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. fanthony

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    I have a 1993 Hawkins Aerosport II diesel pusher and have owned it for 4 years. It is in great shape but we where just leaving for Maine with 3 of the grand kids and I found an antifreeze leak. The repair shop said they could not fix it without removing the radiator. Said it would take 40 hours @ $90 per hour and no guarantees. We have 3 very disappointed grand kids and not sure what to do with the RV. Are there any good diesel repair shops in NJ that any one could recommend?
  2. C Nash

    C Nash Senior Member

    WOW!!! 40 hrs what is leaking? Radiator or something behind it? Time for second opinion IMO. Good luck and welcome to the forum.
  3. LEN

    LEN Senior Member

    General R&R on a radiator is 10-11 hours. A new radiator can be from $1000-$4000 with a full guarantee. Look at Ebay sometimes one gets lucky. LOOK for another shop. Also take a quick look for yourself could be just a hose with these ahhhh gentlemen.
    Second thought look for a block heater leak, I just needed mine done.


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