Need help with MAJOR problem, I think !!!!

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by Mayo, Sep 2, 2001.

  1. Mayo

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    I bought a used travel trailer a few months ago and just started using it and I opened up the sewer line to drain it and alot of water left the holding tank. No problem, huh? Not until today when I looked down the hole in the toilet and the holding tank is FULL of solids. All of the liquid ran off but no solids. The other guy used it as a deer camp, like myself, and had it connected to a pipe and into a sewer system and left the sewer valve open always. I was told that's what caused it???? Anyway, how can I fix the problem?? I was told to fill with water and pour a gallon jug of bleach in and let sit for about a week then drain. He said the bleach would dissolve the solids. Does anyone agree or disagree with this suggestion or do you maybe have a better one??? Thanks in advance for the help. It's seriously needed with my lack of Travel Trailer experience.

  2. Gary B

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    Need help with MAJOR problem, I think !!!!

    Hi Mayo, if you have it connected to a septic system, DO NOT put bleach in the tank as bleach will kill the good bacteria in the system, filling the tank with water and adding a bacterical digester like Ridex, or Robeic would be much better, even the common blue stuff you can buy at Walmart is better. You can get any number of products at hardware stores, Home Depot, Menarnds etc just ask for a product for septic systems, hope this helps Happy trails GB
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    Need help with MAJOR problem, I think !!!!

    There is also an external flush adapter you can get for your drain hose which has a hose connection on it with a valve. You can pressurize the black tank from outside then open the slide valve on the adapter and watch the "stuff" run out. Seen a fella using one at a road side rest. Claimed he unknowlingly did the same thing your previous owner did. Don't know where he came up with that adapter, but it was clear plastic with a slide valve and a hose fitting that connected to the black drain and the hose connected to it. You might check Camping World or other's if you are interested. Happy motoring, Butch - Nancy Lake, Alaska
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    Need help with MAJOR problem, I think !!!!

    Hi Mayo,
    Try putting some ice cubes with some water in the holding tanks and then drive down the road (rough road better)and see if the cubes will break the solid waste loose. I have found it better to leave the dump valve closed until the tank is nearly full even when hooked up to sewage. This will help keep the solids flushed out.
    ps; Butch, I like the sound of all your hobbies. How can you afford them all That little Yellow Chevette you see at takes all ours
    Chelse L. Nash

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    Need help with MAJOR problem, I think !!!!

    The sugestion of filling up and adding some ridex etc. and letting it sit sounds like your best bet. You can use 3 or 4 packs of yeast insted of the ridex if you wanted to. If that doesn't work open the drain up and use a hose down the toilet with a piece of pvc pipe on the end or get one of the wands they sell for cleaning out blackwater tanks. Dont get in a hurry with the ridex or yeast, it will take time for the bacteria to eat up the solids and if you mix the yeast with warm water befour you pour it in it will work faster
    Good luck-
  6. joy

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    Need help with MAJOR problem, I think !!!!

    The high-pressure gizmo that does a superb job of cleaning is called Sewer Solution and it is available at most good RV stores - costs about $110...sort of expensive, but it works. But even before I used that, I would add as much liquid with an extra amount of the black tank solution (the blue stuff) as the tank will hold, drive down the road (preferably a rough one as the post above suggested!) and let it all slosh around to help loosen the solids. Then clean it and promise yourself to never leave the valve open all of the time again! As was said, let the tank get filled then open the valve - the pressure from the volumn will empty it more completely.

  7. fjohn56

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    Need help with MAJOR problem, I think !!!!

    What was it that that rod juliana was trying to push last week? Wasn't it"Piranha" or some such? That sounds like that would do the trick! :) Other than that, everyone elses advice sounds reasonable; but DON'T use bleach!!!

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