Need informed help please

Discussion in 'Talkback' started by chamuca48, Aug 25, 2010.

  1. chamuca48

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    ALL my life I have wanted to be a Rvér. Now at 62 it is a lost dream.

    BUT we have a mini farm an hours drive from our home in the middle of Mexico ( have been here 40 years) and I am thinking that to have a fifth wheel permanently parked or settled out there would give my hubby a place to rest and then he just might want to go out there as much as I want to be out there.

    Now - I need help from you guys as to what would be the best buy for that purpose. I could go to Texas and buy one -it only has to get here then it goes up onto a permanent cement footing for forever.

    I want a small one - a couple of twin beds, a couch, a table for two, a mini bathroom and a mini kitchen would do it. I was thinkiing of makeing a screened patio with a cover for the whole shebang. It would just be a place to spend a night occasionally or a nap at midday. And if I could get wifi out there I could work out there and that would be heaven for me. To watch the hens and ducks that we have is such a joy !

    Any suggestions - I really need your help as I do not know anything about the US or Rving from there.

    Money is VERY tight - but this is something I have ALWAYS wanted and life is getting short.

    Thank YOU !
    Sheila ;)
  2. Kirk

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    Re: Need informed help please

    It don't sound very practical to me. You need to learn a great deal about RVs in order to know a good used one from a junker. And wifi won't exist out there unless you have some means to put it there. That is a very short range signal and someone has to provide it. I think that you need far more help than we can give you here.
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    Re: Need informed help please

    Does your budget allow you to buy new? Will you have access to electricity, water, and sewer? Do you get a good cell signal there? If so, you may want to look in to a 3G router or mi-fi set up. Dreams don't have to be practical.

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